Travel and Tourism

Header-Resize Promotion of activities to attract visitors into the community through marketing efforts, including advertising, directed to at least one of the five basic convention and tourism market segments consisting of group tours, pleasure travelers, association meetings and conventions, trade shows, and corporate meetings and travel; and support of those activities and organizations which encourage increased lodging facility occupancy.

Travel and Tourism Committee

A convention and tourism committee is established to advise the governing body and make recommendations concerning the programs and expenditures for convention and tourism promotion. The committee shall consist of not less than seven, nor more than eleven, members appointed by the governing body of the city. The governing body of the city shall appoint such members and shall provide by resolution for the terms of service of such members, which terms shall not exceed four years.

Committee Members:

Shelly ShawJustine FrossDeb Goyen
Brittany NovotnyBev AldrichJosie Fox
Lisa MillerLarry Eisenhauer, Recreation DirectorAshley Smith, Chamber Director
City Manager

Transient Guest Tax

To provide revenues to promote tourism and conventions, a transient guest tax is levied in the City of Pratt, Kansas, at a rate of eight percent, upon the gross receipts derived from, or paid directly or through, an accommodations broker by transient guests for sleeping accommodations, exclusive of charges for incidental services or facilities, in any hotel or motel.

Travel and Tourism Committee Application:

Fill out this application if you would like to be considered to serve a term on the Travel and Tourism Committee. Email completed application to