Water Department

The Water Utility System was organized by the Issuer in 1901. The service area of the Water Utility System extends to all of the city and an additional 16 residential customers outside the city limits.

Description of Facilities

The water distribution system has a total of ten water wells and 42 miles of water main. The city does not operate a water treatment facility because the raw well water is of such quality as to only require minimal disinfecting treatment at each well. A 750,000 gallon water storage tower and a 500,000 gallon water storage tower serve as storage tanks and pressure mechanisms to supply an average water pressure of 62 pounds per square inch (PSI). The water level in the water tower is raised and lowered by the use of radio and computer equipment located at the Water Department and the water tower.

Drinking WaterPratt Water Tower

View the latest brochure regarding lead in drinking water (PDF).

Water Rates

1 Unit = 748 Gallons

MeasurementAmount in Cubic FeetInside CityOutside City
5/8 inch by 3/4 inch0 to 2 Units$21.03$24.41
5/8 inch by 3/4 inchOver 2 Units$1.25 per unit$1.61 per unit
1 inch0 to 3 Units$23.82$29.34
1 inchOver 3 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit
1 inch by 1/2 inch0 to 7 Units$30.41$40.87
1 inch by 1/2 inchOver 7 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit
2 inches0 to 10 Units$39.67$56.71
2 inchesOver 10 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit
3 inches0 to 17 Units$53.10$81.21
3 inchesOver 17 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit
4 inches0 to 40 Units$97.06$162.11
4 inchesOver 40 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit
6 inches or larger0 to 70 Units$163.86$285.12
6 inches or largerOver 70 Units$1.25 per Unit$1.61 per Unit

Type of ServiceMinimum ChargeFee
Bulk WaterN/A$5.90 per 1,000 gallons
Ethanol Plant-Contract0.3826 per cubic foot0.5212 per 1,000 gallons
Gallon Sewer Meter0 to 3 Units0.0573 per Unit
Gallon Sewer MeterOver 3 Units0.0241 per Unit

Water Leaks & Purification