Power Plant

The City of Pratt’s Electrical Generation Department is responsible for tMachine in the power planthe electrical power requirements for the City of Pratt and it’s customers in their electrical distribution area. These power requirements are provided from City owned and operated electrical generators and from a 115-kilovolt interconnection with Mid-Kansas Electric Cooperative (MKEC). The City’s generation capacity is 29.7 megawatts provided by a 13.5 megawatt steam turbine, two 7.5 megawatt dual fuel internal combustion generators, a 1.2 megawatt emergency black-start internal combustion diesel generator and, Pratt’s newest addition, a 6 megawatt solar farm.


The production department currently consists of 10 employees that are required to complete a training program that has 4 sections consisting of 4 tests in each section.

Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA)

In November of 2005, the City of Pratt was notified by Aquilla that they were canceling the purchase power agreement. After reviewing all options, it was decided that the best option for the City of Pratt, at that time, was to join forces with Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) and establish an Energy Management Program (EMP) allowing the City to join with other cities on purchase power contracts and other services at a reduced cost. The City of Pratt currently has 2 purchase power contracts; one from Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) which expires in 2026 and the other is with Inovateus for the energy produced from the Pratt Solar Farm until February 4, 2034.