Electric Utility

The City of Pratt has operated a Municipal Electric Utility since 1910. The ability to Municipal Power Plantgenerate electricity through 2 power plants helps to provide power to citizens in and around Pratt, covering a 36 mile radius.

Low Cost Energy

In order to provide electricity at the lowest possible cost, the City of Pratt has entered into agreements to purchase power at reduced costs while maintaining the ability to generate in times of need. The City of Pratt is currently working with 9 other cities on an Energy Management Project for combined benefits of purchasing and producing electricity.

The electrical system consists of 11 circuits which are maintained by the City Electrical Distribution department.

Electricity Payments

The system bills customers monthly on an individual basis. Monthly payment is expected of all customers by the due date on the statement. Delinquent customers will be sent a notice of termination. If payment is not received, termination will follow.

There are many ways to pay your bill. Phone payments can be made anytime by calling 866-933-6916 or you may pay online at https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/prattks. You may pay your City utility bill by check, cash, Visa, Discover or Mastercard at the counter in City Hall, 619 S. Main, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. There is also a secure 24-hour drop slot to the left of the front door of City Hall if you are paying after hours. Automatic withdrawals can be set up at City Hall and will be paid out of your bank account on the due date every month.

Utility Deposit

A deposit to the City Clerk, to guarantee the prompt payment of all electric accounts accumulated in connection with electric service, is required for all new accounts. The amount of the deposit shall be a minimum of $200. The City Clerk will return the deposit to the customer at such time service is discontinued, except the City Clerk may first deposit the payment of any accrued bills or bills due on discontinuance of service. The City Clerk shall pay to the customer making the deposit interest as provided by KSA 12-822.

Moving Service

Any customer moving within the City service area will be charged a move connection fee of $10 for each meter.

Planting Trees

View more information about planting trees near utility lines (PDF).

Electric Rates for 2021

Type of Service
Administrative Fee
Kilowatt Cost
$10 .0857 per Kilowatt
Residential W/D
$10 .0857 per Kilowatt
Small General Service
$15 .0928 Per Kilowatt
Medium General Service
.0816 per Kilowatt
Large General Service
$25 .0602 per Kilowatt
Large General Service W/D
$25 .0602 per Kilowatt
Wholesale for Resale
$100 .0612 per Kilowatt