City Clerk

The City Clerk/Utility Supervisor collects all money due to the city for the payment of license fees or taxes, permits and utilities/services offered by the city. He or she handles billing for the water, electric and other service departments. The City Clerk/Utility supervisor is appointed by and reports directly to the City Manager.

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities that fall under this title include:

  • Assisting the City Manager with agenda and packet preparation for the City Commission Meetings
  • Being the final authority for cutting off utility services; works up agreements for larger past-due accounts; administers and manages collection accounts to the state set-off program
  • Being responsible for seeing that ballots and election information are delivered to the polling place
  • Designated as the official ‘Freedom of Information Officer’
  • Handling and submitting insurance claims against the City of Pratt
  • Handling miscellaneous correspondence for the City of Pratt
  • Issuing the cereal malt beverage licenses, club licenses, and vendor permits
  • Keeping the corporate seal of the City and is authorized to administer oaths
  • Keeping the minutes at all City Commission meetings, and also keeps all City records such as ordinances, resolutions, contracts, lease agreements, deeds, etc.
  • Preparing and checking special assessment roles
  • Preparing proclamations and handles process for the signing mayor
  • Responding either in person or by phone to citizen complaints, concerns and questions relating to City policies; and/or utility problems
  • Working with City Manager and City Attorney, as well as other department heads, to develop polices and procedures for the City of Pratt