Lemon Park Tree CarvingPratt has an undeniable reputation for being one of the most family-friendly towns in Kansas. However, what many people may not know is that Pratt is also quickly becoming one of the most progressive places to live in the entire state. To find out more about our government, city development, and the attractions we host, please explore this section.

Welcome to the City of Pratt

The City of Pratt, Kansas is proud to serve its citizens and strives to provide the best possible public and utility services including water, sewer, trash and electric. Pratt has a population of nearly 6,500 strategically located on highways U.S.54/400, U.S.281 and K-61. Pratt is the area's regional center for:

  • Agriculture
  • Cultural activities
  • Higher education
  • Industry
  • Medical care
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Shopping

All together, these make Pratt a highly diversified community with a small town feel.

Pratt is proud of its 270 acres of parks and recreation facilities. The largest park in Pratt, Lemon Park, is approximately 117 acres and has a nature trail, wood sculptures, pond, shelter houses, gazebo, lighted walking path, and many sports and play facilities. The City of Pratt continues to develop the park systems for all and future generations. Parks and recreation are a big part of our community.

Focusing on the future, Pratt is proud to be moving in a progressive direction, supporting extensive growth and business opportunities. From new construction to the expansion of the business park, Pratt is always looking to move forward while keeping its family-oriented roots firmly planted.